1. I am beyond frustrated with my recent job search. I was called in for 2 interviews recently.

    The first was for part time home care. Interview went great. I was told I'd hear back from someone in a few days for a skills assessment. A week later I email the person who interviewed me to let her know I was still VERY interested and that I had heard nothing. Turns out the scheduler had been calling and emailing the wrong person for a week. WTH?? Wouldn't you get a hint? Now the scheduler wants to rush everything and for me to risk my full time job to finish the hiring process.. Uhh I think not. Next time get your **** together.
    Then the other interview was to work part time with an MD in his office. Interview with the manager went great, but they scheduled our interview while he wasn't there.. Again WTH? She said oops I guess I picked a bad time huh. My schedule was completely open so why she picked this time I don't know. I could understand if it was to weed people out before meeting the MD, but I had already been through that. So I'm not wasting another minute on either place. Back to the search.
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