For those who do not have experience!

  1. If nobody is willing to pay you for a job, then volunteer and prove yourself. Even if they won't hire you, you'll get some experience.
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  3. by   b_m_prosepct

    is it legal to volunteer as an RN on the floor and passing meds, giving nursing treatments, just like a regular hired RN does?

    I think that is prohibited by state labor law.

    Volunteering in the hopital like a high school student does will not give you any real experience at all.

    I volunteered at ER for a short-time after I graduate from school and before taking NCLEX, I basically only allowed to take vitals. I don't think that give me any ER nurse experience at all.
  4. by   boricualuv4ever
    Actually thought of that as well. It would be a great question to answer. I will post as soon as I get the answer. Sadly, one recruiter told me volunteer exp doesn't count because its not paid RN work. Maybe it will count if I was performing duties as an RN with an evaluation from a supervisor.
  5. by   eatmysoxRN
    I think one of the best reasons to volunteer is so you can meet nurses and nurse managers. Networking is invaluable. However, I found that many times it is difficult even to volunteer at some facilities.