ER vs tele and Dallas vs Austin

  1. I am having a majorly hard time deciding between an ER job or a telemetry floor job. I became a nurse in January and was recently fired from my ER job for reasons that did not pertain to my nursing skills. I live in austin and love it here. I received a better ER job than the one I had at a level one trauma but the only thing about it is that its in Dallas. My two best friends from nursing school live in Dallas. The only thing is I love living in Austin, I have family here but I was only able to find work on a telemetry unit but its at a very good renown hospital. I also have a good friend from nursing school moving to Austin because I got her an old job at my old job in the ER.

    SO do i choose ER or tele?! or Dallas vs ER

    Dallas PROS
    --renown hospital
    --ER job
    --2 best friends who live here

    Austin PROS
    --renown hospital
    --cooler city
    --one friend moving here

    Austin CONS
    --telemetry floor

    Dallas Cons
    --not as cool of a city

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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Cannot help you, other than to say NEVER take a job based on who you know that lives in the area. That is going to change the vast majority of the time.

    Good luck.