Don't understand pro/con of Float, Med-Surg, Psych RN, ER for new grad.

  1. I am graduating in May, I am struggling to figure out what is the best place for me to learn and develop skills. I am not the most confident and I feel that I will probably need at least a year before I get to where I need to be. I have a lot of anxiety (but I don't have panic attacks or anything like that.) I'm beginning to think that I should start on Med-Surg to begin with and get more comfortable with my skills before pursuing someplace like the ER.

    The thing is I have a clinical in the ER now and I really like it but it is the most intimidating and scary placement I have had thus far. Part of me thinks I should push myself to get over the fear of the ER and try to get in a Residency program.

    I also have a strong interest in psych but I know it would be best to develop my skills first before looking into that.

    I hear good things about Floating, I have no idea if that is a good or bad idea for a new grad. I don't understand all of these roles enough to make informed decisions. I would appreciate all of the insight I can get. Thank you!
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  3. by   Have Nurse
    You have some interesting things to consider. And it's good that you are aware of your strengths this early.

    I floated for years as a new grad and loved it. Oh sure, you never knew what you'd be walking into, but that was part of the fun!

    Floors are usually glad to have you, but be prepared to be assigned some difficult patients on occasion.

    Ask a lot of questions and don't be afraid of letting someone know if you aren't clear on something.

    You gain trust when you give the impression that you do understand that you are new at this.

    You will be partnered with another more experienced nurse who can be a resource for you. Go get 'em!