Does a year of experience make a difference?

  1. I have 10 months of experience as a nurse and have been applying for jobs. Does having a year of experience really make it easier to get a job. I feel like applying to jobs this time is just like when I applied as a new grad, I haven't heard much back except for rejection emails.
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  3. by   perioddrama
    The job postings I've seen so far flat out say: No New Grads Apply or a requirement of at least a year experience. So, yes, having a year experience really makes a big difference.

    Good luck!
  4. by   RNfaster
    Keep trying. Make sure you're selling yourself well with your cover letter and resume. Ten months is about the same as a year in my eyes --and yes, it will make a difference. In many parts of the country, hospital work is slower during the summer. I don't know where you are applying, but keep it up. Make it your job to look for a job. Spend a significant amount of time on it each day.