Applying to Many Hospitals in One System: Generic Cover Letter?

  1. The title pretty much says it all. If I am applying to many positions in several different hospitals in the same network (or chain, if you prefer), and that network's career tool (*shudder* Taleo) only allows five uploaded documents at a time, how would you proceed?

    I've got 4 letters of reference, a rsum and a cover letter. I could genericize my rsum and cut it down to one or no letters, but that would still limit me to only applying to 3 of the hospitals.

    Or would you go with a generic cover letter, too? Like, instead of writing one for the Kaiser hospital in Anytown, USA and one for the Kaiser hospital in Otherville, USA, just writing a single letter customized for working for Kaiser Permanente.

    I've got a lot of apps going out but this issue is holding me up. Thanks in advance for your input.
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  3. by   melizerd
    My cover letters were customized for each "chain" and stated that I was applying to various registered nurse positions with XYZ.

    I got an interview pretty quickly, and now I'm waiting to hear back but it must have been good enough to get to meet face to face.
  4. by   elkpark
    I've never submitted letters of reference unless/until they were specifically requested (and I've never had an employer request letters; they just ask for the contact info and contact my references themselves). With the online applications, I write a cover letter specific to the particular position and make that the first page of my CV (since lots of the online application systems will allow you to upload a CV but don't have any separate option for uploading a cover letter).

    Best wishes!
  5. by   lucymalfoy
    I would opt to not attach the letters of reference unless requested and include a cover letter in the same file as my resume. That way, if you are only allowed 5 attachments, you can attach 5 cover letter/resume combinations for 5 of the hospitals in a particular chain, and you have a better chance of your cover letter getting read.