3 jobs in 2.5 years

  1. I'm looking for advice on whether I should change jobs now or wait. I'm embarrassed that I've had so many jobs in my short time being an RN but my current job has many issues where I feel I can't practice safely. I am in NP school as well, left my second job because I wanted to get off night shift when I started NP school and they didn't have any day positions open at the time where I worked.

    1st job: Private duty home health 6 months
    2nd job: IP/residential eating disorders treatment facility 1 year 4 months
    Current job: Crisis/Detox float nurse: 7 months to present

    A nurse manager had called me several months ago about a position on a specialty eating disorder medical floor in a hospital. It's well-regarded and prestigious, has much better pay and benefits than my current position.

    However, it took them about 6 months to get back to me and this was one of the jobs I had applied for after I left my second jobs, but I couldn't take it because I had accepted my current position and was working in it several months already.

    I want to reapply and try to get this position. I have connections to nurses on this floor and specialty experience. The position has ben posted for about 9 months on this floor so I know they are looking for a nurse with eating disorder experience, which I have. I know my resume looks terrible like I can't commit to a job but I had either changed jobs for a better position and/or due to starting NP school and needing a change in my schedule to get off night shift.

    At my current job I feel there are so many situations where my license is at risk. There are many nurses who feel the same and several nurses have quit recently, a couple with only one week or no notice. I want to just stay at one job and I dislike changing jobs but I need to find a better place to work.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Hope you are able to establish employment stability. Leave when you find the new job offer, that's about the only thing you can do at this point.
  4. by   venacava-x
    Thank you for replying, I appreciate your good wishes