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Hi everyone

I applied to OU's traditional program for Fall 2009. I was just curious if anyone knows if you can work in a nursing position while still in school. With some of the 2-year associate programs, you can work as a nurse tech after the first or second semester is completed. Also, I have heard from a nursing student that she was able to work as an LPN after her first year of RN school. I am just not sure on this issue and if anyone has any information it would be appreciated! It would be nice to be able to work in a nursing position during the summer, between classes.


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After your first semester you can start working in a CNA position, after your second semester you can start working as a nurse tech/nurse partner/nurse extern---those are generally great jobs! And yes you can sit for your LPN after your first year...I know a few people who did that.

I started working as a nurse partner at OU and I *loved* it and learned soooooo much! I worked when I wanted, could call in if I needed to, pays $10/hr at most hospitals plus you get shift diff, worked as much or as little as I wanted (2 days a month to full time almost).

Apply early and to more than one hospital cause a lot of students apply for those jobs! Also dont be afraid to call and talk to the manager in the unit you want to work in.....OU does their applications based on GPA and so does Baptist and I know Mercy looks at my GPA as well (thankfully I did have a good GPA) so if you don't have a stellar GPA it wouldn't hurt to give the nurse manager of that unit a call to get your name heard and let them know you really want the job.



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Thanks for the response Marilynmom!

I was just wondering how difficult it is to work in one of the positions that you listed while attending school? Do you actually learn more through the extra work experience as a nurse or does it make it harder due to taking time away from studying? Also, exactly how far in advance should I look into applying for one of these positions? Thanks for all your help!

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