Southern California Hospital at Culver City or Community Hospital at Huntington Park

  1. Any thoughts on these establishments?

    I have a job offer from each but don't really know much about the hospitals. I was hoping somebody on here has some insights.

    I'll be working nights on the telemetry floor as a new grad. They both have about a week or two of orientation and 10-12 weeks with a preceptor. Traffic wise, Culver City is a bit longer. Didn't get much of a feel for either of the floors when I went for an interview. Culver City has a higher rate but after a year, Huntington Park will exceed Culver City's rate due to quarterly raises.

    Culver City seems like it has a bad reputation from what I read online like and

    Huntington park barely has any reviews, it might be because the hospital is so small (it's an 81 bed hospital).

    I would appreciate if anybody gave me some insight. If you are currently working there or previously worked at either of those two places, or you just heard from other nursing friends. Feel free to personal message me if you don't feel comfortable posting. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Harmony29

    I wanted to know which one have you chose? I just received an offer at Culver City and was wondering the same question.
  4. by   casseyy

    I have an interview for the new Grad Residency Program at Culver City and was wondering if you have any tips or pointers?

    Also was wondering if both of you accepted the offers? Kind of skeptical on the reviews that are being made about Culver City.
  5. by   Harmony29
    I got an offer from Culver City a few days ago. The interview was over the phone and then in person with two managers. It went really well. They asked more general interview questions. I also accepted the offer.
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  6. by   casseyy

    What unit will you be on?
  7. by   Harmony29
    Med surge. Are you going on your interview?
  8. by   casseyy
    Yes! I have an interview this Friday for the med-surg department.

    If all goes well, we'll be working together
  9. by   Harmony29
    Yayyy. I pray it goes well for you. Super excited to find someone I could possibly be working with. Let me know how it goes.
  10. by   Harmony29
    Did you apply for day shift or night shift?
  11. by   casseyy
    You're so sweet. Thank you!! I hope so too! That would be exciting.

    Did they ask clinical scenario questions like on certain diseases or patient safety? I know some new grad programs do that.
  12. by   casseyy
    They never gave me the option. When I spoke with the recruiter, she told me that all new grads will start with day. So I'm not really sure but if I have the option, I'd choose day. What about you?
  13. by   Harmony29
    No they didn't ask any clinical scenario question for me. It was just general interviewing questions such as why do I want to work for Southern California Hospital? Why med surge? Tell me about yourself and your professional experience. (These were the only questions asked)

    I also got day shift (thank God) but they gave me the option when asked during the interview and I said I wanted day shift.
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  14. by   casseyy
    That's so good to know. Thank you so much for the information!!!

    Yay! I'm glad you got day shift. I'm hoping for it too. My interview is a lot later than most, considering the program is starting soon, but hopefully there are still some day shifts open!

    I'll keep you updated on how my interview goes. Thank you again for the help