Santa Clara Valley Medical Clinical Nurse 1 (2018)

  1. Hi all!
    I've applied to just about every clinical nurse 1 position SCVMC has posted. Just started this thread so we could all keep each other updated about interviews and job offers and things.
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  3. by   NotHerRealNameCathy
    Somehow I just saw the job posting today! The only one up was for Medical Surgical and it said it closes in 2 days so I applied right away. I don't have my RN license yet but I'm taking the NCLEX on 1/25. Does anyone have any info about how their hiring process works?
  4. by   danielle:)
    I don't have a ton of info, but I know once the application period is closed they look through all the applications to make sure you fit all the minimum qualifications and then you get a percentage score and a ranking on the eligible list. I believe they use the rankings on the eligible list as the order for interviews.
  5. by   ignisviridae
    I'm ranked so far down that list...
  6. by   danielle:)
    I am too. I didn't even know that many people applied...
  7. by   alex4290
    Have you heard anything on the position? I've gotten my email with my % and ranking and was wondering what you have to be for an interview.
  8. by   danielle:)
    I haven't For all three I've applied to I haven't had a super good rank and I never heard anything one way or the other.
  9. by   Colorado Cheese
    So I know it's been a few months, but has anyone received an update?

    As a side note, does anyone know the criteria they use to rank applicants?
  10. by   cora0112
    I got email last week too and I am in the 100 ... is it too soon to think that I wont get a call?