NYP ED residency program 2018

  1. Hi, anyone applied new York Presbyterian Emergency residency program 2018? Did you get any respond yet? Any luck?
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  3. by   cam5393
    When was the application open? Every time I tried to apply the link said "error- could not find page" :/
  4. by   carlowellnj
    Hi Cam5395, The NYP ED residency program application opened last month. It is no longer accept application now. You can keep checking, they probably will open again. When are you going to graduate? Which states are you live now?
  5. by   aaj004

    I also created a thread on this yesterday I also applied!
  6. by   carlowellnj
    hi aaj004,

    when did you apply? did you receive an email and ask you to write a essay?
  7. by   aaj004
    I don't remember when I applied exactly! I think it was late January? And yes I received an email to write am essay
  8. by   carlowellnj
    I also submitted the eassy, fingers crossed. Hopefully we all get the chance to have an interview. Keep updating ur status. Thanks.
  9. by   aaj004
    Did you guys receive a response back after submitting the essay?
  10. by   amazingnurse.com
    i also applied and submitted my essay. I really hope we all get a chance to at least be interviewed
  11. by   aaj004
    Do you any of you mind sharing a little bit about your credentials? Where are you all from? I'm from NY
  12. by   carlowellnj
    I'm from NJ. Anyone work as a tech/PCA in hospital? Any hospital experience?
  13. by   aaj004
    Yes, I've had 2 tech jobs and I also currently work on an ambulance! What about you guys?
  14. by   Bsnbeast
    Hello everyone! I also received the email to submit the essay. Hopefully were lucky to score an interview! I'm also from NY and I currently work at NYP as a student companion/NA.