Nurse Residencies in Dallas February 2018 - page 7

Hey y'all! I was wondering if anyone else was applying to jobs in the Dallas area for February 2018 start date? What places are y'all applying and have y'all heard back from any of them?... Read More

  1. by   Toot0225
    Hello I have a video interview for Baylor how was the video interview
  2. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    It took me about 6 hours to complete. Once you start the interview you get 3 tries to answer the questions but you can't save the recordings so if you choose to re-do a recording the previous one will be deleted so make sure you really want to start over. I write down the questions for my first try and then spent a long time writing out my answers and practicing them before recording a second answer.
  3. by   Toot0225
    Thank you for replying... did you get the job ?
  4. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    I interviewed for the Neuro ICU and it was not a good fit! I did not like the manager and was not offered the job. I was asked for interviews with other units at Baylor but that was the only Baylor interview I accepted because I've already taken a job in the Parkland ED. If you don't get the first job you interview for the Baylor recruiter will continue to try to find a place for you though which is nice. Everyone was very polite it was just this one nurse manager that I thought was rude so hopefully you'll have better luck! Parkland still has lots of job openings too if you're still looking.
  5. by   Toot0225
    Thank you and I applied for parkland but no one had contacted me
  6. by   ldn1
    I think depending on what position you're applying for depends on how many tries you get for the video interview. I applied for the ED and only got 3 tries, but my friend applied for med surg and she said she got unlimited tries? Not sure how it works!
  7. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    Just keep putting out as many applications as possible and keep an open mind about which units you're willing to work on and you'll get something eventually! I literally applied for around 60 jobs did 8 interviews and had 3 offers out of all those applications. Just keep applying and keep the faith!
  8. by   Toot0225
    Thanks you and I don't live in the Dallas area I plan to move onc I get a job can you recommend any hospitals all I know is medical city Baylor parkland
  9. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    All the THR hospitals have a good reputation such as Presbyterian, Harris Methodist in fort Worth, Arlington Memorial Hospital... Just look up THR hospitals around DFW... medical City locations don't have as good of a reputation but I know some people who have really liked them so I guess it depends on the unit/hospital...UT Southwestern is excellent but it's very hard to get into.... Then there are also 4 different Methodist hospitals that are pretty good as well...Parkland is the county hospital and serves the indigent population from what I understand you'll learn a ton from parkland and then of course Baylor has an excellent rep so there are tons of options here for sure!
  10. by   Toot0225
    Okay thank you so much !
  11. by   nursemaddi
    I know this is about a year old, but about to be in the same boat.
    If I am graduating in May with my BSN when should I start applying to residencies? Do they all open around Feb? Also, do all hospitals in the DFW area require residency for GN?
    If accepted into the residency program opened in the spring about when would I actually start? The plan isn't to actually move back to Dallas until September and I am wondering if Feb is too early to apply.
    TIA! =)