New Grad RN, job searching in AZ

  1. Hello everyone ~ I am a new grad (May 2017) and passed my NCLEX in June. I've been searching for new graduate jobs and have applied to Banner and Dignity New Graduate RN Programs. I've waited almost three months and gotten the "No longer being considered" status even when I've made efforts to go to their career fairs, contact their recruiters, and make my resume and cover letters very nice. I also have a couple letter of recommendations. I'm starting to get very discouraged and am not really sure what my next steps should be. Should I reapply to the new graduate programs or start out of the hospital? Would it be a good step to apply as a patient care tech/nursing assistant to get my foot in the door even though I already have my RN license?
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  3. by   Bumex
    Have you tried going out of the major metro areas? I started in a smaller hospital outside of Phoenix.