NEW GRAD relocating to Portland, OR

  1. Aloha!

    I'm a super fresh newly graduated nurse (May 2018) expecting to pass the NCLEX by the first week of July and highly considering relocating to the wonderful Pacific Northwest due to competitiveness of new grad programs here, in Hawaii!

    I graduated with my ASN, however am going to continue to get my BSN depending on where I get hired as some hospitals don't allow online BSN programs (i.e., WGU). So a little background on my work experience, I worked as a home care aide for a year and just made one year in acute care as an aide at a local hospital and ornish clinic. As stated earlier, I plan to take my NCLEX as soon as possible and I also plan on getting ACLS certified within the next month or two.

    Any tips or advice on getting hired through any RN residencies in the PNW? I would love to hear your insight! Please and thank you!!!

    PS. Congrats to all my fellow new grads out there!! I wish luck to all of you!
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  3. by   jorwil1
    Definitely check out legacy! They hire ASN even though they are super competitive and then they will play for your BSN
  4. by   eileenm
    Thank you for responding jorwil1! I'll look into new grad positions there!! Do you work in the area? If so, how do you like it?