New Grad Jobs in Hawaii

  1. I will graduate in May with my BSN and I'm interested in new grad programs/RN residency programs in Hawaii but I find that it's very hard to get information about the programs (nothing is listed on the websites of the hospitals). Does anyone have information about the date when the postings for these jobs are made? Thanks!
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  3. by   CC-RN-EMTP
    Sorry to tell you but there is a glut of new grad RN's here who are still looking for a job. Many have opted to move to the mainland in order to find work. I would strongly suggest you get several years of acute care experience and then re-explore the job market here.
  4. by   SL2014
    I'm in the same boat. New grad RN, fiends in Hawaii are suggesting I move there... Thinking about it but want to hear how the new grad job market is first.
  5. by   paRN12
    it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a new grad nurse position in Hawaii. I just recently moved to Honolulu a couple months ago (I graduated with my BSN in August and passed my NCLEX so I'm an RN in Pennsylvania) and I've been trying everything to get a nursing job. It's pretty much required to work as a secretary or nurse's aid here first and then apply to the graduate nurse residency program to eventually work as an RN. It's even difficult getting an aid job because you are competing with all of the other new grads who want to get an entry level position in hopes of getting into the residency program. I've been told by many of the hospitals here that there are lots of new nurses who have been working as aids or secretaries for years before getting into the nurse residency program because it's just so competitive. I've even tried health clinics all over the island and no one is hiring. I finally heard back from a nurse's aid job I applied for and they are requiring me to go in and take a skills test before they even pass my application on (which is ridiculous since I have already taken and passed the NCLEX). It really is frustrating. I would recommend getting a nursing job back home and working for a year and then coming to Hawaii because if not, no one will hire you or you will have to work an entry level job for a while. I really don't want to move back to PA, but I might have to if I can't get a nursing job here within the next couple months.
  6. by   SL2014
    Thanks for the reply. It looks like I will get finish my DNP here in Phoenix before I consider moving. The job market is really rough, I've given up on finding a job here.
  7. by   alr25
    Thanks for the input. It's very frustrating -- especially for those of us who have spouses that move to HI for work. It sounds like the choice is to be underemployed or be separated. I've already gone through this cycle once when we were dating and moved to the Big Island but I figured things would be easier with a nursing license...guess not!