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  1. Hey everyone, I'm a new grad as of this past Feb (BSN) and found out today that I passed my NCLEX exam. That's two massive weights off my shoulders, but I still have a few more pounds to shed. I recently moved to the Charlotte, NC area from VA/DC metro area and I'm finding it hard to find a job down here, which is a bit shocking.

    I have volunteered as a Paramedic with my local Fire dept (in VA) and have worked as a Tech in a couple of ER's over the last six years. I have plenty of experience and think I would be an easy hire, but have found that one of the major healthcare systems down here run their own nursing program and generally hire from within and another healthcare system, I applied for their residency program a couple of months ago and there has been no movement. Other jobs I have applied for, I have been turned down one after another due to "lack of years as a nurse". If anyone has any suggestions or helpful tips, I'm more than willing to listen (or read). Right now, I'm just applying, keeping an eye out for career fairs, and hoping something comes along.

    Thank you for your time in reading this.
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