New Grad in Sacramento, CA - Requesting Advice

  1. Hi everyone!

    Although I have read many posts on this site over the last couple of years, this is my first post. I just graduated from an ADN program in Sacramento, CA. Finding new grad acute care jobs in this area is difficult, to say the least. I am still waiting for my ATT and hope to take the NCLEX by early to mid February. While I'm not yet ready to give up on trying to find an acute care job at this time (still too early in the job hunt), I am looking for advice/opinions regarding other nursing careers to explore where I can gain good experience and skills that will make it possible to transition into acute care after a couple of years or so. I keep hearing conflicting information from different sources regarding SNFs/LTC, and subacute rehab. I have even considered corrections, but some posts here have indicated this is not a good choice for new grads while others say the opposite.

    Between trying to study for the NCLEX, hunt for jobs, and prepare for interviews, I'm feeling SO overwhelmed! I am reaching out to the many experienced nurses on this site who can share their knowledge and wisdom - and possibly ease my feelings of fear and uncertainty during this time of transition.
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  3. by   NottaSpringChik
    I think you should brighten up your resume while you do as much networking as you can. And soon as you get the number of your license apply to the positions/hospitals you want. Most positions here say "one year experience preferred" but there are a few hospitals that are hiring ADN new grads as long as they are enrolled in BSN program. Can not underestimate the power of networking also. Use all the contacts you have including your new grad cohorts to find out where the jobs are. Good Luck and enjoy.