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  1. Hi Everyone! I've been belaboring a decision and reading countless related posts on here, and decided maybe it was best to just ask for some direct feedback.

    I graduated this fall and was recently offered an ICU position at a large teaching hospital. However, it's 40 miles from my house (a 45-min drive on a good day, but 1-1.5 hrs during rush hour, etc.; no public transit options), and the facility requires a 2-year contract (following the 6- month orientation period) or you have to pay back $10K. I wasn't able to get a clear picture of the schedule as I believe it will vary, but I do know that shifts are rotating, 80 hours biweekly, and a mix of 8s and 12s.

    I am so unsure of what to do here. I have a video interview at a great hospital closer to home, contact with a recruiter at another local hospital, and still need to apply to many other organizations in the area (I've had a lot of family stuff going on and honestly haven't really fully thrown myself into applying since passing the NCLEX :/). As a new grad, I feel panicked to turn down any good opportunity, but simultaneously worry that I may be setting myself up for trouble with ever-changing shifts and a long commute; I tell myself I could make anything work for a year just to get some experience, but then I'd essentially be accepting a $10K pay cut per the contract. To further complicate things, my long-term boyfriend currently lives in a different state and will try to relocate if I take this job, but again the 2-year contract concerns me with this factor...

    Sorry for the novel- I'd greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions!
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