Montage video/interview StaRn west florida

  1. I have been applying to several of the StaRN positions in Florida and finally got an email to complete a Montage webcam video interview. I am very happy that they contacted me but am nervous about doing this for the first time. I don't have a lot of experience doing these kind of recordings and the whole process makes me uptight. I want to do a good job so that I can make a good first impression. If anyone has any experience with these types of interviews or currently work for one of the West Florida hospitals I'd really appreciate your advice! Thanks!
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  3. by   yoginurse90
    Hi there! How was the interview? I have one scheduled and am nervous.
  4. by   runner502
    I was stressed doing it, but I guess it went OK because they ended up calling me. I decided to hold off though since they said I'd have to fly out for the interview and I was supposed to pick out of the hospitals and they'd see if there was a match with a unit/manager. I felt very rushed by the recruiter because she was saying they were already interviewing and I'd have to hurry up and have my FL license in time. I wasn't too sure about any of the hospitals so I decided not to pursue it for now. Good luck to you!
  5. by   yoginurse90
    Sounds stressful. Oh I thought the interview was the video one! So you had to record a video and they still wanted you to fly out?
  6. by   runner502
    Yes. I thought it was kind of a lot myself. They just consider it a "screening". Then I find out that they pay you less during the first I think 16 weeks of training. It depends on the exact location as to how much less. This one wasn't too bad. I think it was around 21 during the training and after that was around 24 if I remember right. She said you have to pass an EKG course before you can do anything and it's basically classes and simulations for the training. If I was already there I'd probably pursue it, but I don't have the money to spend on a job that I might not be offered.
  7. by   ashmip91
    Hey! How long did you have to wait to receive a call back for an in person interview after completing the montage interview?