Kaiser 2018 Sunset New Grad RN Program

  1. Hi everyone! I am starting this thread for those who applied to Kaiser's Inexperienced RN New Grad program that closed on May 6th. I submitted my application and now waiting!
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  3. by   newgrad2580
    Hi! I applied as well. Do you know when this program begins?
  4. by   NewwwwNurse2018
    When does this cohort start? I have had issues finding the application location, where did you apply?
  5. by   sthom
    I applied on the morning it opened. The program starts in July.
  6. by   newnurse2336
    It opened on May 4th at 6am and closed on May 6th in the morning as well!
  7. by   newnurse2336
    Hi there. Where did you see that it starts in July?
  8. by   sthom
    A friend of mine who works for Kaiser Sunset sent me the in house post that they sent out to the employees. It said it started in July.
  9. by   imat1111
    Hello, I am seeking to hire a RN licensed in New Jersey for a home health care program.... Can anyone in this forum guide me. Thanks!
  10. by   newnurse2336
    @sthom thank you!!! The application is pretty vague so I assumed it was for the Fall. Do you know how the program works? Is it Med/surg and tele units only that accept new grads?
  11. by   nursinglove30
    Hello is this program nationwide? I live in the DC metro area and will graduate next year. I am interested in working at Kaiser. We have many facilities here but getting in is very hard.
  12. by   sthom
    I wish I could post what he sent me. It looks like it's for Per Diem and there may be full and part time positions available. It says "by submitting to this position number you are expressing interest for the July 2018 New Grad RN Training Cohert at LAMC". I'm just hoping to get a phone call. Good Luck!
  13. by   sthom
    Anticipated start is July 23, 2018.
  14. by   newnurse2336
    @sthom thank you so much!!! You're so helpful