How to approach nursing managers

  1. Hi!
    I just graduated RN program and am waiting for ATT. I have been working as per diem float CNA at a local hospital for a year. I would love to work at the same hospital as RN once I passed NCLEX (they have new grad RN program.)
    I am interested in L&D or OR, but I have never been assigned to these 2 departments because they don't use CNAs.
    So, I have 3 questions

    1. Should I stop by the department to leave my resume and portfolio? or should I find out email addresses of nursing managers and email them first?
    2. Is it better to contact managers after I apply to new grad program? or before?
    3. Do you think contacting managers increase my chance to be hired at the department? I don't want to be seen as cocky or something...

    Please give me some inputs.
    Thank you for your time.
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