GNT program at the VA

  1. I'm a new RN graduate and I'm thinking about the GNT program at the VA medical Center. It's a year long program, and there's a lot involved. Can anyone who's gone through the program give me their opinion or advice on what it's like and what you go through. I also plan on taking BSN course in the Fall would I be able to do the college courses plus the intense program?

    This GNT program will be at West Palm Beach VA medical center.

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  3. by   dianah
    In looking up the requirements and goals of the program, it is not clear if it would be a good idea to enroll in both a GNT program and a BSN program simultaneously.
    You might inquire of the staff who hire and supervise the GNT program, and also of the faculty at your proposed BSN program, as to the rigors of each, and if handling both is recommended/compatible.
    Good luck!