CHOC RN Residency February 2018

  1. Hey Everyone! I can't wait to apply for CHOC's residency. Who else is applying and to which unit? I'd love to work in the CVICU. I was hoping they'd post the application today, but it's not up yet.
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  3. by   casseyy
    Hi! I'm also super excited to apply for Choc's new grad program. I'm looking into the medical unit. Hopefully the application is up soon best of luck!
  4. by   ss33
    I would also like to work at CHOC I'm applying to NICU!
  5. by   mpd12
    Hello! I am super excited to see what potentially lies ahead with CHOC's residency! I applied to the PICU today
  6. by   ss33
    @mpd12 wish you all the luck for PICU! For the application, do they require a cover letter or a personal statement, transcripts, or any other documents? I noticed that they only have an upload section for our resumes.
  7. by   nursesht
    @ss33 no, you do not need any other documents to apply.
  8. by   ss33
    Thank you @nursesht
  9. by   sialater
    Good luck to everyone!!! I applied to CVICU the other day
  10. by   mpd12
    If you want to upload a cover letter or transcript or any other documents, you can attach them on your profile, but like someone else said you don't have to have them for the application. Good luck to you and everyone else as well!
  11. by   pedsnurse10
    Hey everyone Does anyone know how to attach a resume onto the profile after you've already entered all the information into your application? I'm ready to submit, but realized my resume isn't attached.
  12. by   casseyy
    @pedsnurse10 when you're signed in, it should say my profile to the right. You can attach your resume there and edit anytime
  13. by   newnurse1059
    Hello! I just applied to the CVICU. Does anyone have any idea when they will be holding interviews?
  14. by   shortynurse
    Hey guys! So the website says they'll be posting applications for 1 month so is it safe to assume I have until the end of November to apply? Otherwise does anyone have an exact deadline?

    On another note, I think starting a Facebook group for applicants would be a good idea in case we needed to find any future roommates/coworkers