Can I work as a nurse without having the NCLEX?

  1. Hello! so here is my problem.. I hope someone can help me lol. I'm from Puerto Rico my first language is Spanish. I graduated as a nurse in 2017 and I am currently working at a home center. My husband and I are moving to the states because he joined the military. So I was wondering if I will be able to work in the states as a nurse without taking the NCLEX? I will take the NCLEX eventually. But I was wondering if there are jobs opportunities for new grads or nurses like me who graduated and are studying to take the NCLEX. I've been searching all over the web and I found this called a "Patient care technician" and as I can see.. you don't necessary need to have the NCLEX to work as a PCT. So I was wondering what is the process for working as a PCT? Do I have to take a exam? Do I need a certification? Or just by having a bachelor degree I can work as a PCT? And I wanted to know more options of what can I do to work as a nurse while a study for the NCLEX. Thank you!!!!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    You cannot work as a nurse without a license. NCLEX is the gateway to a license. Therefore, you can only hold unlicensed positions until you have that nursing license. A patient care technician is an unlicensed position; however, there may be employers wary of hiring someone who will desert the position once they have a nursing license.
  4. by   jaystephxo
    Okay so what are my options to work without a licence? Like for example the PCT. Can I work as an AIDE? Do I need to take some test?