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  1. Hi everyone, I just want to know your experience in applying in Bon secours.

    I applied in Bon Secours 3 days ago through their site and then the HR called the day after asking me some questions and If I'm willing to try other unit. Yesterday I checked my status online it says that I'm not hired. So I tried to apply again on different unit today, but just after couple of minutes, the status changed to not hired again. I don't know if they just filled the position or I'm not really qualified.

    Should I wait for a couple of days before applying again? Coz I'm confused. I don't know if the HR is considering other units for me or I have to pass another application. I emailed the HR butI haven't heard from them. Should I wait?
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  3. by   mgwilliams
    Hi there! I work with Bon Secours and can connect you with the right person in recruitment. What is the best way to contact you?
  4. by   Lovinlyfe786
    Im going through the same thing... I went on two interviews,shadowed twice, and took a tour to still see "not hired " im so confused lol.. Ive turned down two jobs from a different hospital because i love bon secour... Im really lost
  5. by   mgwilliams
    Hey Jts20130 - I'd be happy to help you! Send me your contact info or email and I can get in touch with recruitment.
  6. by   Lovinlyfe786
    Good day mgwilliams!!!My email is
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  7. by   mgwilliams
    I just chatted with one of the recruiters and you should be getting a phone call today form Theressa or Dee. Let me know if you don't hear back!
  8. by   Lovinlyfe786
    Mgwilliams.. Is this for real.. Lol please forgive me for asking.. The internet can be deceiving
  9. by   want2behappy
    Are you working with Bon Secours