Baylor in the DFW area won't call me back??

  1. I applied to Baylor's graduate nurse internship program and was selected for a video interview on Wednesday(5th) of last week. Sent my video in on Thursday(6th). I recieved a phone call the following Tuesday(11th) and I missed it. Called back immediately after listening to the voicemail and no answer. Since then I have called a total of 7 times and left 3 voicemails and have never gotten an answer or a call back. Has anyone else experienced this? I know I have the right number because it's the same name on the recording as the person who left me voicemail. His name is Dennis Cunningham. Any advice is welcome. I'm freaking out because this opportunity could literally change my life for the better. Thank you!
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  3. by   Gary Mendoza
    If it were me, I would try to contact the dept. he works. You might try calling the dept he's in and find out he was in an accident and that's why he didn't' call you. I've seen that happen many times.