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Hello everyone, I just graduated an LVN/LPN program and wanted to know if there is anything else I can do besides bedside nursing. I dread having more than I can handle and I don't want to take it... Read More

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    That's pretty sad your work environment has given you such a grim outlook on becoming a nurse. Not saying other places will have greener grass, but you definitely need a change.

    Why did you want to be a nurse? What are your skillsets (think non-medical)? I agree with the primary care practice, assisted living & home care suggestions. You will have to check the scope of practice within your state for LPNs. Some pharmacies hire LPNs in certain roles.

    Good luck!
    I wanted to be a nurse because I admired them when I was a volunteer. They carried phones and got 'called' on their shift when needed. I never set out to be a nurse in early adulthood. I admired their knowledge, skills, scrubs, the ability to walk in isolation rooms without 'gowns' (as required for visitors and personnel), although they weren't suppose to just the thought that they had something important to do.

    Most of the good jobs are taken by an RN. Why hire an LVN when you can get an RN. Maybe I'll get hired somewhere where all the options are exhausted.
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    Hmm... That's tough! It's good to realize your limits, but you may also be selling yourself short. If someone told me I would be in the position I am now when I graduated nursing school, I would laugh in their face.

    How is the job outlook where you live? One of the responsibilities of the school/nursing program you graduated from is to make sure there are still jobs for the programs they teach. Speak with a professor or career placement person at the school. Ask them if they know of any companies hiring LVNs. Almost 10 years after I graduated from nursing school, and I met with my alma mater's career placement advisor a few weeks ago who helped me seek out future opportunities.