Nursing Job Fairs: How do I prepare?


i will be attending an advance for nurses job fair on friday nov 14th. i need some job fair advice. how should i prepare for this nursing job fair? what should i expect to see or experience at a job fair? what should i bring with me? how should i dress?

i am curious, do rns ever actually get hired at these events? do you have a better chance of getting a new full-time job via a career fair as opposed to just submitting online applications on hospital websites?

have any of you ever succeeded in receiving a great job offer because of attending an advance for nurses job fair?

any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. i desperately need a new full time rn job. i have been out of work for several months and i have no health insurance. i am hoping and praying i will receive invitations on friday to come in for official job interviews so i can secure a new full time job in nursing. :bowingpur

please let me know what i am supposed to bring to a job fair, how i should dress, and what i should say in order to increase my chances of getting a new job. thank you! :nurse:


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I was hired from attending a Job fair given at the hospital. I was interviewed for two different units on the spot. I was called back a week or two later to job shadow and a week later with two job offers. I wore a business pant suit. I planned to stay the entire time of the job fair. (child care for the kids) I did end up staying the whole time. Each interviewed lasted an hour or longer. I brought everything I might need. SS# birth certificate. I brought many copies of a general cover letter, resume, and references. I also made business cards to hand out with basic info. (name, address, phone, cell and e-mail address) To prepare before hand I reveiwed job descriptions from this particular hospital. I also went to a website that had sample interview questions and prepared my anwsers. I also went to websites and reviewed interview etique. This all helped me feel more confident during the interview process. After the interviews I sent thank you notes to everyone I interviewed with and to the RN's I shadowed. I have been there 8 months. It was a great experince and a lot less stressful than filling out apps online and call facilities and waiting on call backs. Hope this helped and Good Luck!!


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I am not a nurse yet, so I have never gone to an actual "nurses" job fair. However, I do occasional job fairs for my current job in insurance. The way it usually works is a bunch of people file through a room filled with tables/booths with company reps on hand to basically "weed out" the people. I know for my company my job is to talk with someone briefly, get a good idea of what they are looking for, review their resume, and then file them away in a binder based on whether they should even receive a call to be considered for a phone interview. I base this decision off of their resume, their potential to do the job, their conversation with me...etc. I have seen some that do interviews on the spot. I would bring lots of resumes, if you have a certain department you would like to go into I would bring a few resumes specifically targeted to your "dream job" and then some generic ones for everyone else. Wear something professional but look and act approachable. Ask questions, it shows that you have a brain. Know who is going to be at the fair ahead of time and do some research on those hospitals/dr.offices/whatever so that you know what kinds of questions to be prepared for in case of an impromptu interview. Also bring something to write with so you can take notes. It may come in handy if you get information from you look prepared. And all of the things that NICU nurse2b said are also great ideas. Good luck and I hope you land your dream job!!!


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And remain "aware" as you work the room. People will be able to see you as you go from booth to booth and can start to form an opinion of you, so walk with a brisk step and try to have your "game face" on all the time you are in the room. Good luck.:wink2:


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I went to a job fair at one of the colleges here in tx, when I first got here. I was offered 2jobs on the spot. I went in for interview and chose the one I wanted.

To prepare, I looked professional, as if I was interviewing at that time, (which actually you are). I took many copies of my resume and went around to all the boothes. and follow the advice of caliotter3, she is right on. If's really kind of fun to see what's out there. Usually the hand out free gifts to.

Good luck to you.


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Thank you everyone for all of the great advice and suggestions! I'm glad to hear attending nursing job fairs helped some of you secure your current jobs!


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