What happened to all the replies to my post?

  1. Are they removed when I'm notified that there is a reply and I look at it??? There are NO responses now on the 3 boards I posted and there WERE lots of replies
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  3. by   boggle
    Hi ARBY. I saw replies in the General Nursing Discussion area. How many areas did you post the same thread?
    Thanks for the article. You echoed many of my feelings exactly.
  4. by   ARBY
    Thanks Boggle, I posted it on 3 boards and thought I had responses on all the boards. I must have been wrong or somehow they all got put together under General Nursing Discussion.
    I wanted to print the responses to show that the article wasn't just my opinion.
    Thanks for your help and I'm glad you like it.
  5. by   canoehead

    I moderate this forum and I didn't delete any posts, and I don't see anything in our moderator's "garbage pile". Sorry for the frustration but I have also gone through a few days when I thought my postings were the kiss of death- it must be a feeling we all share at some point.

    Sometimes if you start your own thread asking questions and engaging others you will get more replies than if you add questions on to another thread, even if the questions are related to the topic. Again, this is just a quirk of the boards, it does not reflect on anyone.

    Good luck, canoe.