The old lift versus the new lift

  1. Has anyone else here been upset with the new hoyer lifts? I have seen patients that almost fell right through the hole in the middle.
    I have also seen one the was electric that almost went right into someone's rib cage.
    I was working with a girl who swore at the lift loud enough to hear her all the way down the hall. Soon after this the nursing home got rid of the new lifts.

    In the nursing home it's not permissible to use one alone.

    In home care, you are expected to use them without help.

    One time I was stuck with one of those new ones on a private home care case. It had those straps that wrap around their legs and you have to figure out which ones to use. I didn't play around with it. Instead I called up an agency staff member to come over and help me so I would not drop my patient.
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  3. by   calivianya
    Are you talking about the maximove electric ones? I love them, but that's what I was trained on. I had a patient once who was going to be discharged with a lift, and he had this manual one that you crank with your hands. I called a couple of people in and none of us had ever used a manual lift before, so needless to say I don't like the old ones.

    As far as the patients falling through, do you have multiple sizes of the fabric pieces? I usually just use the smallest one available if the patient is not obese, and I haven't had any problems with patients sliding through. I actually love the open butt part. I had a patient once in a hospital gown who started to have a bowel movement while he was in the lift and all I had to do was put a pad under the lift to catch it. Very convenient.