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I'm getting more and more fed up with having 8-12 patients on a regular basis with the same lame excusses form management that doesn't care. I hear NC,SC, AZ and NV have it better than most with... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46

    I work for a state hosp. in Charleston, SC.
    Hope this helps.

    I worked as a Travel nurse at Roper Hospital, and went to visit a friend of mine, who worked in your hospital. Just walking throught there, I KNEW I wouldn't want to work there!

    On the other hand, I LOVED my time at Roper, and would have signed another contract there, But...this was during the time they brought Baker hospital. They let go of all their travelers, and even stopped using their own agency for a time. Loved the Charleston area also. I know there's a lot of travelers in Charleston, so does your hospital use them?

    I have also worked at several different hospitals in S. C., from Florence to Beaufort. Beaufort's staffing was absoultely awful, except for the ICUs. And the staff was totally vicious to agency people. But Florence, Manning, Kingstree, and Charleston were great. I would go back to any of these places again, but only as a traveler.

    On another note, it was good to see a post from my old hometown of Buffalo. I used to work at the VA hospital there, and worked with a great bunch of people there. At the time, we never had a problem being short staffed, but did have to use sick time, when we were asked to stay home. But, that wasn't often. Haven't been there since 88', but have at times, thought about going home. I now know better..:-)!