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I won't get tooo specific here but I want to vent and get a little advice from you all....I seem to have a big personality clash with 2 of the powers that be(I am not the only one to be sure) They so... Read More

  1. by   ktwlpn
    well-I did not react well last week to the DON coming to my unit and "housecleaning" I have seen her do this on other units-she literally starts tearing open the desk drawers and cupboards,screaming and throwing away everything in her path....I don't really care if the night shift keeps catalogues in their drawer with their schedule,you know? So-I left the area (visitors,dietary and social services witnessed this episode) I did go back and try to stand up for myself but the situation escalated so -again-I walked away...And the next day The Wizard and her little monkey relieved me from my charge duty.....Am I crying? No.....Not one mistake was made by me or omission of required paperwork or anything of that nature....which I pointed out and while in their cave I said my piece-very well,I might add...and am happy to take the consequences....It was worth it...Now I am prn (again-I preferred it and did not want this unit in the first place) I also went to human resources-nothing has been documented in my file.....but my concerns are documented now....Seems TPTB associate a nurse developing a trusting relationship with a family and resident as getting too emotionally involved and being un-professional...Funny-with my almost 20 yrs of experince that has not been a problem at any other facility -LTC or acute care...Even so-the pros far out-weigh the cons at this time for me (still great staffing-the residents are getting the care from the aides that they deserve) We all have to suck it up sometimes and develope our protective camo.....and when the dust settled I did apologize for my behavior and stated my expectation to be treated fairly in the future....I am at peace.-and feel that I know what a true professional is and am going to be that nurse.......Competent-compassionate and respectful of all.......