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  1. by   Origcyn13
    Hi all, For those I have not yacked at, I did get a reply to my letter to the admin. He totally avoided the staffing issue. I am in the process of typing it into word so I can share it with you all. I also have started circulating the Calif. bill around two facilities here in KC. I am collecting signatures on them and will foreward them to the senators when we get enough signatures. Just an update on what I am up to.... gotta run!!

    Cyn...stiring the mix
  2. by   Joe,RN
    Hey Rae, thanks for the post. There are ways to deal with these issues. Legislation is just one of them. We are in the midst of starting a column that will be published on a web type magazine forum. Your story is one of many that we will relate to the people that come. It is at If you wish to submit an article with more detail? Let either me or Barton know. We started out as a small group of concerned nurses, but our numbers are increasing almost daily! Welcome aboard!
  3. by   barton

    Please let me join Joe in asking if you would write about your situation for our column. We DO NOT include any names that you wish deleted, and of course we DO NOT break confidentiality. We ask that anyone who writes about specific situations at their workplace do so in an objective fashion, and if patient care is negatively affected due to understaffing, we would like to print as many of these stories as possible to make legislators, administrators and the public aware of these dangers. After reading the many posts on different BB's, it seems quite clear to me that severe understaffing is a NATIONWIDE problem. As Joe said, our group started small but in just two months time we have grown considerably, and we have nurses from different states and different backgrounds writing for the column. The primary goal of this column is to return staffing to levels that allow us to provide the best possible bedside nursing care for our patients. So............Rae, and anyone else who is WILLING TO HELP, PLEASE contact Joe or me!

    P.S.--Rae, I also live in a right-to-work state---Florida.
  4. by   Rae
    I just found this subject. I live in Arizona. I have never had to work under such dangerous, unsafe conditions in my nursing career. Med-surg nurses are taking 7-8 pts with no ancillary help, Telemetry takes 5-6, ICU takes 3 often times 2 vent pts, PACU is holding pts for hours to get a bed, ER takes 5-7 high acuity pts waiting for beds, and in all areas the norm is for the Charge nurse to take pts also. Infection rates are increasing, falls are on the rise, bedsores are developing. I will join the ranks of writing to legislators, but unfortunately with Arizona being a right to work state, I'm afraid it will fall on deaf ears. Hospital administration does not have to have a reason to fire and in the past when someone has tried to be pro-active, the hospital has "found" reasons to terminate. Administration is blind to the fact that there is a nursing shortage and will continue to fire and hire those who will not rock the boat(hiring by making special offers to sign-on). Our population in the Phoenix area is largely elderly. I know that the AARP are strong lobbyests and will probably be my first contact to make them aware of the unsafe conditions in this areas hospitals.
  5. by   mike moeslein
    While its nice to call your representatives and our nursing organizations, I don't think its going to help. Only a cry from the public will do any good. They only listen when their next election is on the line. Lets put them on the spot. There is a site set up just for stories to be told. Visit
  6. by   barton

    Please see my post to you under your topic, "RN Sound off".......

  7. by   barton
    Thanks! I look forward to it!

    Now what about the rest of you? So many of us here have written to legislators and others and now we can go one giant step forward-----PLEASE JOIN US!!


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  8. by   mike moeslein
    Hi Barton,

    I don't want to e-mail you from work but I will from home. I'd like to join you in your work. You will hear from me soon.

  9. by   barton
    Hi All!

    I haven't posted for a while, but I haven't forgotten you! Along with the previous poster, Mike, and several other nurses I've met on-line, we have been very busy!

    We now have our own column in the E-ZINE at, and are known as the CONCERNED NURSES GROUP (CNG)! Please read our MISSION STATEMENT there, AND SUBSCRIBE!

    We are NOT another Nursing Bulletin Board!



    TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1999
    AT 6:00 PM (ET)

    Please join us!

    Rita Barton,RN

  10. by   TLP64
    I have not contacted them at this time but feel we as a nursing society need to stand up to the plate with legislation to protect our patients right to have adequte staffing. What are the guidelines used to promote adequate staffing in your units.
  11. by   mirn
    Hello, all. I have been following for a while now and just wanted to say I really respect what is going on here. I have contacted my state rep and plan to contact Sylvia Johnson this week. I just want to take better care of my patients!!!! Let me know what else I can do, please!!!

    Keep the faith!
    MIRN (Michigan RN)
  12. by   barton
    TLP64 and mirn:

    Several of the nurses who have been conversing on different nursing web sites, especially about understaffing, have banded together, and are now writing a column at I am the founder, and we are known as the Concerned Nurses Group. Our first article is our Mission Statement, and is in the July issue of E-Zine. Please read it, and if you think that you would be interested in joining our efforts, please contact me. We want better care for patients! Thanks! Barton

  13. by   barton

    I HAVE NOT forgotten you!
    Please see my post (above)-----The Concerned Nurses Group (CNG) is going strong! Please see our July, August, September, and October articles.


    October 7, 1999 at 9PM EST

    Can't we all make time for this? We're trying to improve patient care and nursing, right?!?! Hope to meet ALL of you in chat!