picc lines & peds

  1. I work in Radiology.We recently put a picc in a ped. pt. since the lines are much sorter, do you put in less heparin lock solution?
    We flush the adults with 10cc ns and 3 cc hep lock.
    hep lock is 100 u/cc
    no one seemed to know the answer. not even the ped. floor
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  3. by   Dplear
    The protocol at Texas Childrens Hospital is that you flush with 10 cc NS and then with with 3 cc Heparin at 10 (ten) units/cc for a total of 30 units. If central line we flush used ports the same as picc lines and if any unsed prts we pack with 300 units heparin.

    Hope this helps


    edited to say.....aslso NEVER use any syringe less than 10cc in size. you risk popping the line
  4. by   JNJ
    I've been maintaining a home care PICC for two years, two ports in a 25 lb child.

    We flush pre and post with 3-5 cc NS. Daily 3cc of 100u/ml heparin to each port.

    This protocol came from the (BMT transplant) unit in the mid-west that first placed the PICC.

    I did a comprehensive literature search for this sort of question a few months ago and came up with no definite guidelines. There was a thread around the subject though. Try a search or contact the manufacturer of the PICC. Consider the weight and fluid status of the child too.