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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The "Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality" Link isn't working.
  4. by   mbmclnc
    we are new to this site, we need information on soc patient safety -mainly rn's responsibility to pt. room environment safety - any suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks
  5. by   Bill Levinson
    This is interesting
    "Errors with injectable medications: Unlabeled syringes are surprisingly common!"

    Anyone who has worked in a factory knows that you NEVER use anything from an unlabeled container. The recommendations in the article make perfect sense.
  6. by   kurtstinson
    for the safety of patients first of all we should use syringes from where we find the labels are in place as we know anything can be there in un marked box.after usage must destroy the syringes otherwise its a real threat for everybody.always discuss things with seniors before going for any medication.
    kurt stinson
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  7. by   andersonsmith
    patient needs a special take care by the doctors, so that's why only the doctors of
    the hospital is not liable for that, even as well as the junior staff is also responsible
    for that, they should liable towards the work.


  8. by   Mrs.Mom.RN

    I'm not aware of this system. Does anyone know if the data collection is quantitative, qualitative or both?
    Thanks for the information.