Need help with BSN Paper for School on Health Care

  1. Hi Everyone!! First time using this. So I just graduated in December 2011 with my Associate Degree in Nursing I am now in a BSN Class and for this class we have a paper to write. Usually the people in these classes already are employeed in a nursing job but I am still looking being a new graduate. Our paper is supposed to be about:
    To identify a problem within a facility affecting the delivery of health care services to clients. The student will utilize a problem-solving approach in planning for the change in relation to the identified problem.

    So what were supposed to do is if we have a job to look at what problems within our facility that affects the client care and what could we do to fix this? Since i do not yet have a nursing job and needing help finding a problem that affects the patient care that is fixable. If anyone could help it would be GREATLY APPREICATEDD!!!
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  3. by   33762FL
    In my experience, students in RN-BSN programs who are not employed write about problems or things that happened at clinical sites they went to in nursing school.
  4. by   Esme12
    Try asking the nurses in your class for ideas, see if they can hook you up with someone to interview. HOw about wait times in the ED or wait times to get admitted to the floor. Hand off report with admissions from the ED
  5. by   classicdame
    I had this same problem in my Leadership class (BSN program), but we had done clinical rotations and had time to specifically ask staff members about processes, etc. Talk to your instructor. Ask if you are to make something up if you have no working experience, or draw from previous clinical experience. Basically it is all about identifying a problem then applying the nursing process to the problem, not the patient, and coming up with an intervention then evaluating the outcome. Good luck