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Okay nurses! We have a good thing going here. If you have not written to your legislators you need to do so! If you need help in doing this , I will help you! So will Barton! Also as Barton has said... Read More

  1. by   Joe,RN
    Georgia here, or should I say "jawja"!
  2. by   Origcyn13
    Missouri here... I work north of the metro, live south...

    Cyn...stiring the mix
  3. by   Linda, CCRN
    Tennessee here.
  4. by   anthing goes
    i am so glad i happened to find this site.
    i work in the midwest and have been going
    up the chain of command to voice concerns about unsafe staffing. I too have called Joint Commission and my state nursing association in order to find out how unsafe staffing can be documented. I was told by the Joint Commission that an annonymous complaint could be filed against the facility you work for. The person i talked to at joint assured me confidentiality would be maintained. They would then do an unannounced site visit based on the complaint. i work in a peds ICU and the nurse to patient ratio is appauling to say the least. Upper administration claims they are trying to hire and are unable to recruit nurses due to the "nursing shortage". (there is no active advertising in the local paper)
    The floors are even worse. A patient of ours was transferred to the floor and was not seen by a nurse for 5 hours after arriving on the floor. My question is...Don't the physicians see this? and Are physicians putting the pressure on administration to hire nurses??
    i would appreciate any other information for reporting and/or documenting short staffing. i am also wondering what the implications of "whistle blowing" is in terms of job protection.
  5. by   Erbn Girl
    From Northwest Indiana soon to be in Southwest Missouri!
  6. by   AnnieRN
    I am in a similar situation. I work in ICU at a community hospital in central New York. Our unit has held census at 7 beds due to short staffing(we have a 10 bed unit). The only reason we are holding at 7 patients is because the nursing staff demanded it. We currently have 6 full time positions open. At one brief time our manager felt that we could handle 10 patients. It became unbearable. My coworkers were working 50 to 60 hours a week. I then called the state to find out what could be done to close the beds again. I was told that the state only gets involved when ther are documented patient care issues, for example, decubitis ulcers from lack of nursing care or med errors. They did say the would call tthe hospital to find out how they were dealing with our short staffing.
    several days later we are holding the census at 7 patients. Our staff has been told that they are actively recruiting but we never see adds in any of the local or regional papers. I don't know what the answers are to these problems but I have become more vocal at work about refusing to accept patients when our staffing does not support the patient population. Only when Doctors are told that their patients cannot be cared for will they wake up and realize that there is a staffing problem.
  7. by   Joe,RN
    I read your posts! We are here to help and make sure your stories are heard! You can report neglect and abnormalities anonymously. You may want to look back through the messages posted under this heading. We have made many suggestions and debated confidentialty at length. I have been told that my identity would be protected, but I should provide my name to ligitimize the report. I have done this and felt reprecussions. Maybe it was just a lucky guess on the part of administration. I don't know, but if you do decide to identify yourself, be ready for retribution. As I have said before, I have no problem with being identified as a patient advocate, but this should be your choice! Welcome! We continue to grow in numbers!
  8. by   barton
    To: Linda, anything goes, and Annie,

    If you've read even a few of the posts here, you'll see that most of us appear to be in the same boat.
    Some have written legislators and the ANA and so forth.
    NOW, many of us HERE have joined efforts, and are writing a column primarily about understaffing, and we plan to send a regular newsletter to legislators under the name of our column.
    Please e-mail Joe or me and tell us your stories-----and join our group!
  9. by   jen622
    Maybe I missed it , but where do short-staffed nursing homes fit into this bill? Many of these acute care patients end up in short-staffed nursing homes.
  10. by   Joe,RN
    Short staffed nursing homes fit in the same as every other facility. If your facility is short staffed, then patient safety is an issue, it does not matter what type facility it is!
  11. by   Joe,RN
    Short staffed nursing homes fit in the same as every other facility. If your facility is short staffed, then patient safety is an issue, it does not matter what type facility it is! This is just a start, we have a long way to go. It will take some time to address each and every problem in healthcare today!
  12. by   eliza
    Working in the VA, I note that the pt acuity / staffing ratio may EVEN be near adequate on paper....the problem I have is that the acuity numbers do not NO WAY come close to adequately describing the acuity of the patients. The system doesn't take hardly anything into account, or give credit for the majority of care needed (ie. #meds adm times per shift, # of iv meds, or resp tx's, or wound care, or complexity of either, nor ambulation, teaching, admitting, or turning, or even FEEDING needs...the list goes on).
    It is so insufficient, and administrators, leaders shrug it off, as if "that is just the way it is", after 8 years in this system I still hope that it will change. I would love to see this system be more accurate, then we could prove our needs for more nursing staff. Until we do this, I do not see us getting more staff. I do not know how to implement this change...yet, I just had to voice my opinion and say that I haven't given up hope. Our veteran population deserves the best of care. I would be interested in advice, other's concerns, and ideas.
  13. by   LRichardson
    OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma here