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Okay nurses! We have a good thing going here. If you have not written to your legislators you need to do so! If you need help in doing this , I will help you! So will Barton! Also as Barton has said... Read More

  1. by   Ahn
    For those of you who are searching for your political representitives, or would like a list of governmental staff on various key committees - check out this website!

    It is operated by a local radio station in Hartford, CT. It also has a template for those of us needing to sharpen our letter writing skills! Good Luck!
  2. by   barton

    Thanks for the info! I was a little unsure myself, of "how" to write to government officials until I visited policy.com. We can find the names of our reps there, whether or not they have e-mail, fax, etc., a preprinted letter form where we just have to write the body of our letters, and lots more info-----just by typing in our zip code!

    The site you mention sounds equally helpful and I thank you for posting it!
  3. by   Origcyn13
    I don't know who wrote that bill, but I want to kiss them!! The absolute best piece of legislative material I have ever read!! I am copying and sending it up the line in Missouri!
    WooHoo!! More momentum!! Lets go everyone!!

    Cyn...stiring the mix
  4. by   barton

    I had to laugh out loud when I read your post because I think this bill is so WONDERFUL that I have to KEEP reading it to convince myself that it's true!
    It's as if someone was actually listening to us and sat sown and wrote this bill in response! LOVE IT!!!!
    I HOPE EVERYONE is sending a copy to their State Reps!!!
  5. by   Ahn
    Every representitive in my district including: local; state; and federal have a copy of that California House Bill. I sent copies to my faculty at my college alma mater[I hope that's how you spell it]. I sent copies to my graduate college at Syracuse University - Too much caffine!
    I was feeling grandiose, so I even wrote to the White House!
    Now I will be on their "list"! Oh well
  6. by   barton

    If that's what caffeine does to you, then I'm going to brew a pot of coffee right now!
    Good for you!
    Now if we could just open a coffee bar here at wwnurse.........:-)
  7. by   Sophie
    Hey, I am so happynthat you guys checked into the bill and have sent it to all the appropriate people. For a little chuckle, you should know that the person that introduced AB394 is Sheila James Kuehl. She may be familiar to those of you that remember the 'Dobie Gillis Show' (from the '60's), because she is 'Zelda Gilroy', Dobie's buddy on that show!!(if you are under 40 or so you probably have no clue as to what I'm talking about- oh well!!) Long Live Zelda!! Sophie
  8. by   barton
    We plan to include info about that bill in the column----thanks to you, we know about it!
    Will you write for us? Let me know, OK?
  9. by   Miss RNC
    I finally decided to bite the bullet. I emailed my 2 Senators and the Governor of Mississippi about these issues. I can hardly wait to see if I get a reply.
  10. by   barton
    And I read those letters-----they're fantastic!
    I can't wait for the reply either!
  11. by   Ahn
    Just out of curiosity, what states are represented in the membership?

    I live in Connecticut, but my heart is in Texas!
  12. by   Sophie
    I live in Calif. Where are the other writers from? Sophie
  13. by   barton
    Florida here! (hot, hot, hot and sweat, sweat, sweat----excuse me, "perspire") :-)