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  1. Does anyone know of a website that will show me some basic or commonly used medical terms/phrases in sign language. I post this in the patient safety forum because I believe this is a safety issue. If we cannot communicate at all with our patient, that's an issue!

    I would like to be able to sign things about medications, allergies and be able to answer questions like when the doc will be in to see them or what time they will do an activity.

    My facility has an interpreter only until the early evening, while the patient stays awake another few hours. This includes med pass time. While I'm able to ask their name, I can't communicate much else.

    I'm aware that we can write back and forth, but that's difficult sometimes as our facility is for kids and not every kid can read and write well.

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    These are a few sites I've used as a resource to learn basic signs to use with my two year old, who is speech delayed. I especially like the first one. Good luck!
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    The website above for MSU is rather an outdated site. The person (John) who was involved in that project created a new site: www.signingsavvy.com/aslvideos

    John's site is very simple, you type in the word or phrase and the video shows you how to hand speak. It's much better than the other sites I have gone to. Hope this helps!
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    Try www.lifeprint.com for signing instruction