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  1. Hi all! I'm a second year Nursing student & I have an assignment in Information Systems in Nursing. I have chosen a topic about EPR (Electronic Patient Record). I will discuss its advantages as well as the legal issues surrounding it. I realised that there are more pros than cons in using it. Can anyone share me some interesting views about it.


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  3. by   SandyB
    Do u mean charting on a computer vs paper?
  4. by   Charlie Alfonso
    Yes, charting on computer rather than in paper.
  5. by   BadBird
    charting on computer is fast but I feel that I omit notes that I would normally make on paper. The old paper flow sheets were easy to read, all infor right in front of you, on the computer you get a 24 hr. print out that is several pages long and much more difficult to read. I guess I just haven't used computer charting enough to be comfortable with it yet.
  6. by   Ex130Load
    Some pros and cons to add to the scales:

    Can always read'em not matter who enters the info.
    Don't have to worry about'em getting torn out, falling out, etc.
    Depending on the server/system set-up, can be accessed anywhere in the hospital, a boon for large facilities.

    What do you do when your facility takes a lightning strike? Happened to me in another life, took down our system for 24 hours.
    JCAHO(SP?) may not like them being your sole source of records and thus may mandate a paper back-up system. That in turn means double work.
    The format may not be user friendly and ultimately discourage entries.

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