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In all my years of working for a LTC facility i have never had a medical examiner call until today. One of our residents expired in the nursing home the family lived in the northern part of the... Read More

  1. by   mommatrauma
    Since I work in an ER, we notify for every single death...its up to the M.E. to take it or not...the other thing that requires an autopsy is if the patient hasn't seen a PCP in a number of years...not sure if there is an exact number or up to the discretion of the M.E. Our docs do the M.E. notification, so maybe some of your deaths are reported out of your LTC facility, you just don't realize it because the docs are doing it...Also, at our facility I know if the M.E. refuses the case and the family still wants one...Our pathologist does it in house, the patient does not go to the M.E.
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    Have had to notify the M.E. twice in home health when I found the spouses of two bedbound patients dead. First spouse didn't suprise me as had heart problems; second case complete shock. M.E. took report over the phone, no foul play suspected, so case closed. Never reported in LTC unless patient was there post auto accident.