boss wants me out because of disability, where do Igo - page 2

I have post polio syndrome and have been an RN at a State facility for the the past 10 years. I am being told that I cannot do my job because of my disablility. I feel they are wrong but I dont... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    There are lots of loopholes in the ADA and workplace accomodation, and understanding government documents is time consuming and confusing...which is why attorneys are so helpful.

    Even though I was injured on the job I continue to have to meet my job description, which means lifting 75# 6 times off the floor to a shelf at chest level, then 100# 3 times the same way.

    It doesn't seem fair to me either but this is how it is in my case.

    Good luck and please seek legal advice for your particular situation. I can definitely empathize with how you are feeling.