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I am a neonatal nurse and would like to find out what kind of wet wipes other facilities use for their babies. :nurse:... Read More

  1. by   Mimi2RN
    We have boxes of wipes with each baby admit kit, dry wipes, that used to be J&J, but are now a cheaper brand. We wet them for diaper changes.

    For refills, we use non-sterile 4X4's. We have the big packages as floor stock, and keep a stack of wipes at each baby's bedside. They are much softer than the boxed wipes, can also be used as Kleenex for crying moms.

    It took a while to get these 4X4's on the unit routinely, we would call down for a package or two a day. Now most people like them better than the little boxed wipes. They are also much cheaper!

    BTW, non-sterile, not un-sterile........that's what distribution called them! :chuckle
  2. by   NurseDad
    We have to use wet wash cloths on our peds unit. The hospital is worried about lawsuits from allergic reactions to the baby wipes. I don't understand that... we have allergic reactions to silk tape on IVs... reactions from Pampers... reactions to antibiotics... but we still use them. Hospital politics makes no sense.
  3. by   palesarah
    we also use wet wash cloths, for economic reasons- it turned out to be cheaper to launder all that linen than to provide disposable wipes. I'm all for it, better for the environment and I find they clean better (at least on those sticky meconium bums!)
  4. by   dawngloves
    We use the Handi Wipe-ish things too. Just wet them down with water.
  5. by   cnsqdb
    Thanks for the ideas about wet wipes, we use a dry wipe from a box that we have to wet with water. Most wet wipes are very mild, I just wish there was a small size that would be handy for little babies.