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We are having a "dispute" of sorts at our small hospital. For the longest time, we have not had a policy that 2 nurses had to verify amount/type of drawn up Insulin and Heparin. Many people think... Read More

  1. by   LydiaGreen
    Alright Coag, perhaps in your opinion I am only a lowly student, but it is POLICY at the hospital I have done placement in for three years and will be working at when I graduate in May, to have a co-signer for heparin/insulin/narcotics. As a student in my final year I verify and cosign for seasoned, experienced nurses, and I have caught errors. When a nurse has ten patients in the average shift (even though they are only supposed to have a maximum of six), it is understandable that errors occur.

    There are now SEVEN rights:
    1) Right patient
    2) Right dose
    3) Right drug
    4) Right time
    5) Right route
    6) Right documentation
    7) Right day (this is major source of med errors for drugs that are given qod, or q3d). Although some individuals may lump it in with right time... this is where the med error occurs... day should not be lumped in with time.

    Also, for the individuals who state that they have difficulty in finding another nurse to cosign, verify their med - does your facility use individual med carts on the floor? Our hospital uses one central med room on the nursing floor. Since heparin/insulin meds are given at routine times, there is always another nurse or two or three or four in the med room drawing up the same meds for their patients.