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This is a general question, but I was talking to a nurse and was shocked to find out that nurses can be forced to work four hours overtime on top of their twelve hour shifts for a total of sixteen... Read More

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    Quote from LisaLPN7
    I will not work 12s in a hospital (or a nursing home). I absolutely refuse. Back when I worked in hospitals as an LPN, they ran the three eight hour shifts. During that shift, we always got a 30 minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks. Not one time did we miss any of our breaks, and the most I ever had to stay past 7am (I worked 11-7) was maybe 10 minutes on a rare instance.

    A short time back, before I renewed my license which I'd allowed to expire, I worked in our local hospital as a PCA. I worked a 9-5:30 day shift to come in "during the busiest time". The other PCAs worked 6 to 6, and the licensed nurses worked 7-7. I saw the nurses rarely get their 30 minute lunch break at all. If they did get to eat, they scarfed down crap in under 5 minutes, while being screamed at over Voceras. And they absolutely never got to take the two 10 minute breaks. I don't know how they did it. And I absolutely will not do it now that I am an LPN again.

    The only way I might consider a 12 hr shift is if I manage to find a job in corrections with a good company. I'm just not willing to put my license, my health, or my sanity on the line for a 12 hr shift like I saw in the hospital recently.
    *** The problems you observed have everything to do with the managment and culture of that organization and nothing at all to do with the length of shifts.