Nursing interviews, how to tell how it went?

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I am a new grad with a RN license and I don't know what is more stressful, studying for the nclex or trying to find a job lol.

To keep things short, I went to 2 interviews at different hospitals these past couple of weeks. One was for an ER positions and the other for ICU. Keep in mind that both of these hospitals know that I am new grad before interviewing me.

I feel like both interviews went well. At each interview I was asked a clinical question and each time the managers said that I "nailed it" (verbatim). I followed up on my first interview in person and he told me that he needs to talk to his CNO about hiring a new grad. He gave me his cell phone number and told me to text him once a week.

On my second interview, when the interview was over, the director said welcome on board (I didn't ask if that meant that I got the position). She gave me her cell phone number and said that she was going to submit my paperwork. I texted her a few days after the interview basically thanking her for her time and consideration.

I would like to hear other people's experiences and opinions. Was it okay that I followed up in person after an interview? Is it okay to thank the director with a text message? Does submitting my paperwork mean that I got the job?

Yes, following up at a provided contact number is completely acceptable. This is often done by requesting a status from HR, but it sounds like the hiring manager and director from your interviews were open to direct communication since they provided you with their personal numbers.

Each interview should be followed with a professional thank you note; these days, even a formal thank you message sent via email is acceptable. I personally feel that a thank you text is too casual and not an appropriate professional response. I'd just use this as a live and learn experience moving forward. I think you'll find that many hiring managers, especially those with more traditional professional expectations, would like to receive more than a thank you text message.

Otherwise, it sounds like you did well in your interviews and that you have an offer coming your way soon. Congratulations!

In my text it was little bit more than thank you, I basically said "thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to becoming a part of the team and contributing to the hospitals goals. If there is anything I can help you with regarding my application process, please let me know." I am worried that it wasn't so professional. But she said to text her because she doesn't check all her emails.

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You are overthinking this. You did fine. The only real way to know how it went comes down to whether you get a job offer.

Congratulations on school and good luck.

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