When should I expect a call back from the interviewer if I get the job?

  1. I had an interview this week. I asked them by when should I hear back from them if I was selected for the job? They said by Monday. And then the person said, "Don't accept other offers until we call you." But then she also asked me when I could start and I said, "well I can start the 2 weeks from today, but if you'd like me to I can start earlier"...and then she said,"it was not an offer it was a question." Which I knew it was a question, that's why I was answering....anyways, It's all so nerve wracking. But I was surprised she said that. Also, I thought if the employer wanted to hire a person they tell them right away or the day after. I hope I get the job, this is my dream job and the people seem nice and good to work with, but I don't know what to expect or when to expect the yes or the no for this nursing position. Any ideas?
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  3. by   mariahlily
    what I've heard is that in some hiring situations, even if there's one person that they for sure want to choose, they still have to interview other people. one nurse manager once really wanted to hire me for a job where I had NO qualifications whatsoever, and she said that even though she wanted to pick me, if she received applications from qualified people, she had to interview them, whether she wanted to or not.

    I don't really understand that...some HR departments have really bizarre protocols.

    ..but the point is, even if they want to hire you, they may still have to wait to get the other people in and speak with them.

    so it could take a while for them to get back to you.

    honestly, this person who spoke with you sounds a bit goofy. they don't really have any business telling you not to accept other offers.

    and then when they ask you a question about you preferred start date, and they respond like you answered presumptuously.

  4. by   unquisitivenurse
    THANKS SOO Much for your response.But it makes sense. I hope they liked me enough. =) I am keeping fingers crossed and hope to hear from them soon. Bureaucracy and protocols cam be such a pain in the butt...some are there for a reason, others...just for fun.