What is a station interview?

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    I recently recieved my RN license a few weeks ago and I am scheduled for a interview at one of the top community teaching hospitals in Ontario, Canada on a Neuro/Stroke Medicine Unit. I am really excited because I think this unit would be a great fit for me I have alot of experience working with stroke and geriatric clients. Therefore, not only would it be a great fit for me but, I will also be a great fit for the organization. I just recieved an email confirmation this morning and it states that I will be participating in "station interviews" with other participants and that we will be interviewed simultaneously but, questions ans answers will be kept confidential ... has anyone had experience with a station interview before? Or can they tell me what it entails? I have heard of panel interviews with 2 or more staff member but never heard of this particular type. Any input would be helpful. Thank you
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  3. by   RNNPICU
    I have not heard of a stion interview in those specific terms, but I have had interviews where I was in a room, and different groups came in to interview me, and on another occasion, I moved from one room to the next and in each room were different groups of people, ranging from my peers, ancillary staff, managers and directors. It likely is something similar