waiting for recruiter's call back to schedule the interview!

  1. I applied to a local hospital online. I got an updated message on my app that said "call recruiter to schedule an interview". I was so excited and called right away. This was 3 days ago. I have left about 4 messages since and still no call yet. This is my first interview, is this normal?? I wish she'd call SOON!! It is RN position in maternity..my fave was peds but I think I would like maternity also, and atleast my foot is in the door at a hospital! If I would get hired, can't even get the interview scheduled! ugghh....
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  3. by   pecanpies
    Whoa. FOUR messages in THREE days? I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I think you need to pump the brakes a little here. Give them a chance to respond to your many messages. As someone who has worked in recruiting, my advice would be to give it a week, then try calling again. Don't keep leaving daily messages! Trust me, the recruiters will take this as a sign of desperation - which is always a turn off.
  4. by   amystudentRN
    Yes, I actually think I called 4 times and left 3 messages..and I was worried about leaving too many also. I did talk to her and she sent me an email that I needed to send in my "availability", then they would schedule the interview. So it is scheduled for May 1st. It's a hospital I really want to work in(1 of 2 anyways), so I hope I can pull off the interview and land a job. I have been looking what questions I should expect.. The interview is for maternity floor and intermediate care. My favorite is pediatric nursing so Im not sure which would suit better for my future, but I am not going to be picky! I will just be very happy to be working as a RN in the hospital! I have been in long term care for almost 5 years and want a change. (:
  5. by   pecanpies
    That's awesome! Good luck in your interview. =) I'm glad they called you back and you have something set up.