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  1. So I had an interview at a hospital that I've wanted to work for ever since I became interested in nursing. This hospital is extremely competitive to even land an interview but after working 1.5 yrs in subacute I somehow did it! Yay!!

    But here's where I am heartbroken...

    I had what I thought was a perfect interview. I first had a phone screening with HR and then a week later I was notified that I would be meeting with the unit manager. When I met with the unit manager she seemed genuinely interested in my experience and bragged about the facility and was basically selling the position to me. Then the questions she asked I felt were a breeze. She answered my questions in full detail. She then asked if I would like to tour the unit and so then she showed me around and at the end asked if I would like to shadow and then walked me personally out to my car.
    The whole interview was about 1.5hrs.

    So then the following week I came to shadow and it went great! I got along with the nurse I shadowed and then I had a peer like interview with the charge nurse.

    So I sent everyone I met with appropriate thank you emails. And then I waited... And waited... And waited...

    The manager said I would know the Friday after my shadowing and it's been over a week since then (5 business days). And ten business days (two weeks) since the original interview.

    I emailed her and HR last Friday just to let them know I was still interested and if there were any updates... No response.

    In my mind I'm thinking just let it go at that point but with how the interview went... I just can't.

    I would be so hurt if they don't even let me know I didn't get it. This wait is killing me.

    So long story short:
    What would you do in this situation?
    How long have you waited after an interview to get an offer?
    Also, how many times have companies just never gotten back to you after an interview?
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  3. by   mindofmidwifery
    I would actually call. HR personnel and unit managers, especially at large hospitals, are very busy and sometimes pass over emails or don't have a chance to reply. I have emailed and never gotten responses back, but when I call they usually answer and if they don't, I leave a voicemail and they call back. After my interviews and reference checks I called back the next day to make sure they had everything they needed. I got job offers the same day or the day after.

    ETA: I'm not a nurse but have had the runaround while going through the process of getting tech jobs
  4. by   caseyuptonurse
    Well I actually called HR and had no response. I left a voicemail and no one called back. I probably called on 4 separate days at different times and got the answering machine each time until I finally just left a message. The nurse manager I ended up emailing, simply because I forgot to get her business card at the end of the interview. I think we were both interested in observing the unit that we both just forgot, she even forgot her keys in her office. So I didn't want to call when she never officially gave her number even though I'm sure there would be someone that could direct me to her phone. I had her email from a previous email from HR so I used that to contact her.
  5. by   YvonneABSN11
    As someone who is looking for jobs, your story sounds so painful. I hope you get a call back ASAP. Let us know what happens!
  6. by   ilikesharpthings
    They could be in the process of obtaining your background check or references before they make an offer. That process can be lengthy.
  7. by   caseyuptonurse
    Quote from ilikesharpthings
    They could be in the process of obtaining your background check or references before they make an offer. That process can be lengthy.
    That's what has crossed my mind as well. But at the same time I've never had a company not even update me on my status when I call. I almost just feel like I'm being completely ignored on purpose.
  8. by   nursepenelope
    Did you get the job? I hope so!!!
  9. by   kp1987
    Sorry i am going to hijack this threat a bit, I just wanted peoples advice on calling to follow up after an interview? Yes or no? And if Yes how long is best to wait before doing so?